Peru is one of the twenty largest countries in the world and its territory is home to a surprising diversity of languages, religious beliefs, music, social structures and even ecosystems. All these features make up an immense range of cultural diversity that represents one of the greatest attractions that Peru has and that make it one of the destinations dreamed by millions of people around the planet.

As if that were not enough, in addition to the 24 departments that make up Peru - and within which there are various ethnic groups - it is worth mentioning that throughout history many colonies have settled in the country: Italians, Spaniards, Germans, Japanese, Chinese and French, in addition to the Africans who arrived in Peru during the colony, made this country their new home in the last three centuries.

The customs of migrants mixed with those that already existed in the country and forged an invaluable mixture that makes Peru one of the most diverse countries in the world. It was so that cooking techniques and Chinese inputs were mixed with products from Peru, such as yellow pepper, to give life to one of the most emblematic dishes of Peruvian cuisine: Lomo Saltado. In the same way, the drawer brought by the Africans became one of the most important elements of Creole music. However, today these mergers continue to make Peru the richest country in the world: enjoy makis with acebichada sauce, listen to rock and roll in Quechua and try spectacular quinoa-based risottos (better known as quinotos) are Some of the customs that mix the best of our country with the influence of other cultures.

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