About the retreat center

Our retreat center is located in the village Tambo Real to 36 km from Cusco, in the town of Anta

this vilage is sorounded by small hills and big mountains

Tambo Real is a safe and friendy village, our neighbors work basically in farm growing corn, patatoes, artichoke, beans, quinoa, etc

traveling to 15 min to the west by car you could find Killarumiyoq archeologycal inca centers

traveling to 30 min to the North-Est by car you could find The huaypo Lagoon or blue lagoon

traveling to 30 min to the west by car you could find Ollantaytambo an inka fortress

About our facilities

Our retreat center is a quiet and relaxing place, it is humble but comfortable

  • 3 Bedrooms with heater
    • 1 Double Bedroom
    • 1 Triple Bedroom
    • 1 Quadruple Bedroom
  • 2 session rooms
  • 2 Toilets(M/F)
  • 1 small lobby (with wifi & tv cable)
  • 1 dinning room
  • 1 kitchen
  • 1 patio

Pictures of our retreat center

The happiness of our patients

is our satisfaccion

Relaxing Activities

Reconnection Tours with the nature

Experienced Shamans

native shamans from Amazon and Andes

San pedro ceremony

Ceremony that reconnect us with the nature

Flowering Ceremony

to attract good energies from nature

Cleansing Ceremony

Clean our energy from bad energies


In sacred Inka Temples

The most Beautiful tours

you could visit the most important places

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