Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

Ayahuasca Ceremony

Incan ancestral ceremony performed by shamans from the jungle, who provide participants a brew composed by 2 plants: ayahuasca and chacruna. This Magical medicine help us to conects us with our subconsciousness to find the answer to our problems and ask for our wellness, also you could discover more secrets about you or your future in your vissions, during the sessions you could hear chanting songs called "Ikaros"...

San Pedro Session - Wachuma

This Magical session let patients connect with the Pachama Mama (mother earth- Nature) who will show different experience about the environement where would be performed this ceremony. you have the opportunity to see all the history and become part of the nature and understand that everybody is a part of the universe, this brew is made of a cactus called Wachuma...

coca leaves unification ceremony

Coca Leaves Integration Ceremony

this is the first ceremony to unify people, traditions and beliefs. Healer shaman ask permission to Apus and mother earth to participate and invite new people in their culture, people share this mystical an energetic plant to new people to chew it and get all its energy, incas used this ceremony such as simbol of peace before strting pacts between leaders of tribes

Pachamama Offering Ritual

One of the most important Ceremony is usually performed at last of our retreat,in this ceremony you could ask to mother earth about your wellness and happiness and thank for every thing that Pachamama provides us daily. in this sessions the shaman offer to the mother earth the best products of the farm and aromatic plants and sweets that divinities receive burning them

Coca Oracle Reading Session

This Amazing Session let us open our minds to mystical world, beacuse shows us parts of our lifes, it was used anciently by Incas to take importan decisions in the government, the shaman trow the leaves and he read descriptions of us...

cleansing ceremony

Cleansing Ceremony

This powerful ceremony is used by healer shamans to cast out of our bodies bad energies produced by ourself or other people, the main plant used is the Rue that capture into their leaves this bad energies and healer shaman trow it in the river...

flowering ceremony

Flowering Ceremony

This important ceremony is used by healer shamans to attract good energies from the nature to us, during this session people could ask about lucky, health, love, happiness, etc. healer shaman use white and yellow native flowers and ask this wellnes to the divinities like Inti (Sun)...

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