We have created our retreats trying to cover all the needs of our patients, you could find private retreats, economic retreats and customizable retreats.

4 days san Pedro retreat
deep connection

3 intense ceremonies in the most energetic place: an archeological center where this eneregtic stones capture the energy from the sun, waterfalls to release all our bad emotions and bad energies, in the woods to receive the energy from the plants....

$830.00 USDGroup*

2 Days - Meeting with mother Nature

This is a beautiful and intense retreat where the patients will be more connected with the 4 elements of the nature, along the retreat we will visit energetic and natural environment...

$390.00 USDGroup*

San Pedro only ceremony

If you dont have enough time but you want to enjoy of an authentic san pedro ceremony, tis is your option, in this retreat people replace stress, sadness, depression, by peace, happiness and love. poeple could find this in the nature, our shamans create with chantings and healings this great connection ...

$190.00 USDGroup*

Customize your Retreat

you have the oportunity to choose one of the most beautiful places in our region for this retreat or add some activities to this retreat such as other ceremonies or relaxing therapies....

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