Wachuma retreat center is located in Cusco, we are a healing retreat center in Peru Cusco is an energetic point of the world, we have chosen this ancestral place to perform our retreats, these retreats are originally where performed by native cultures from Peru, we use these ceremonies as therapies and we look for help people that suffer a different kind of problems: emotional, psychological, mental and energetical, etc. these problems could be anxiety, depression, sadness some kind of addictions: alcohol, cigarretes, etc. we help to the people to heal this problems using natural plants such as San Pedro "Wachuma", coca leaves, Ruda, and flowers. our intense retreats are based in care and love, during our San Pedro ceremonies, the healer shaman leads you to find your true path trought the prayings and icaros( magic songs). After the San Pedro ceremonies, you will be able to find the way how you can change a life of pain, life of suffering, days of stress based on routine days or attitudes dominated by egoism, proud and others; these kind of negative feelings limit you to grow into love, peace, happiness, harmony, and wisdom so we need to replace them.

The other benefits of San Pedro retreat is that it helps you to adapt to the sudden changes of the life, and reconnect you intensely with nature when you are connected with the mother earth, you can receive all the good energies that she has to provide us

Our retreats are performed in the most beautiful and energetic places trying to provide to our patients a deep connection with 4 elements from nature

Our San pedro Ceremonies

A great variety of san pedro retreats where you could chosse the best option for you, if you need a deep treatment, or if you dont have much time in our city, you could customize this retreats according your needs

About the retreats

Wachuma retreat center bases its retreats on care, empathy, compassion, happiness and love with which we try to provide to the people a natural ancestral healing therapies, which not only gives us physical well-being but also energetic and mental too, Since we understand that our happiness depends on this 3 important aspects in our life, we have to take care for them.

Ayahuasca ceremonies also help us in our spiritual growth in which we can discover a new way of existing understanding our true mission in life and a direction towards the future, this knowledge is found in ourselves and also We can perceive it in the nature.

Our itineraries include powerful ceremonies that connect us to the nature and outdoor activities that allow us to enjoy its beauty

Our Relaxing Therapies let us overcome the depression, stress, anxiety and sadness

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To know more about the san pedro retreats, you could see in the pictures more than the words can explain, the ancestral healings, the retreats, the places all what we have prepared for you.

authentic native shamans

Experienced Shamans

Inca shamans perform the ceremonies

bad energies cleaning ceremony

Cleansing Ceremony

Clean our energy from bad energies

enjoyable retreats

The happiness of our patients

is our best satisfaccion

wachuma changing life retreat

San pedro ceremony

Ceremony that reconnect us with the nature

energetic flowering ceremony

Flowering Ceremony

to attract good energies from nature

beautiful landscapes

The most Beautiful places

you could customize your retreat

changing life ceremonies

Deep Connection with the Nature

open your mind and receive great knowledge

trekking to the waterfalls

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All the informaton and news that you need to know previous to arrive to our country

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